About Me

Great knowledge comes from the humblest of origins

Mukhamad Azis Tholib
Bored Physicist

Why I get bored? It is not meant to be a humble brag or false modesty because I do not like to pretend to be either a good scientist or a bad scientist. I get bored when I run out of challenges. So I need a lot of challenges (and pressure actually.. I just wanna be strong like Diamond) to keep myself productive and avoid boredom.

Who am I? A passionate and motivated Fresh Graduate of Physics. I am is fast learner person who is always to do things in a efficient way. I like to learn new things to improve my skills, experience, and networking. I have an interest in science, engineering, technology information, arts and philosophy. I have several certifications in technology including from Google, Meta, Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud, Coursera, Dicoding, IBM and others which can be seen and proven on my LinkedIn account or on my personal website. I like spending my free time to learning new stuff, reading and doing a little bit of my hobby sometimes.

Disclaimer! For all my collaborators.. I kindly to ask you to be patient with me. Depending on the research topics that we are explore together, we might be able to contribute to society as well as getting lost in the jungle. Although some of my research projects looking good, I must admit that they are far from a good standard of quality. And I'm still working on it. I hope we can make great collaboration, and contribute to science and society as well.

What is DataCrush? DataCrush is self founded startup in the data field that have goals to explore the data verse, then make it into data sense.